Sunday, September 30, 2007

the 25 things to do before i am 25

write with the intent to publish it
go to africa (all of the seven continents by the time i am 30)
go skydiving
do more school
learn to play guitar
learn to speak another language
do a cross country road trip
take more pictures
learn to weld
take a date to skies in kc

teach someone to skip rocks on a lake
go to a drive-in movie
sneak into a second movie after paying for one
start balancing my checkbook
get carded for anything
die my hair
dj at a indie night
get one of my photos hung at a first friday opening in kc
design and sell 100 t-shirsts

read the brothers karamozof
get a six pack
get a tattoo
fly a kite
and feed ducks